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Penryn-based MacBook Pro now with Multitouch
Post ALL your Favorite or Featured YouTube and other videos on ONE PAGE!
Invite others to play your Posted videos from Your Video Page!
Also post the links to your YouTube Channel and website Video Gallery, and link your FREE Video Code to both!
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Send your custom Video Code by text message or email. Post your code on social media sites, business cards, flyers, postcards, in newsletters, PDFs, Word docs, magazine and newspaper ads and any other location you choose! When posting your code, use the following format: - Code: YourCode
HitReplay lets you paste the "Embed" tags from YouTube and other popular video sites and Post ALL your favorite, featured or personal videos on one page! You can also share directly from your customized page after adding a Subject and Description for each entry.
Athletes, Entertainers and Models, use HitReplay to showcase and promote your talent.
Also a GREAT Marketing Tool for Business, Entertainment and Sports Professionals!
Send it to anyone and post it anywhere to SHARE your videos!
When they click on search and enter your video code, they instantly see Your Video Page and the direct link to your YouTube Channel or website Video Gallery!
Members can also upload and share photos and create a blog page! (See sample)
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